Emotions and Resilience

health/wellness Mar 25, 2024

Emotions – Good or Bad?

It always amazes me how the information you need to hear, read, or see comes into view when you need it most.

I was in a negative energy space this week for no extraordinary reason. Trying very hard to stop being mad or sad at people, work, or the weather - or whatever the case might have been. 

I had meditated, prayed, walked, indoor cycled, and stayed in my head to “be nice” and “stay judgeless” to "positivize” my way out of it. I was in a vortex of self-blame. Suppressing and denying my emotions instead of facing them and moving through them to the other side. What is the other side? Is it denial? Suppression? What is a good or bad emotion, and why are they labelled so; in turn, we label ourselves so – why?

I saw a post from a friend, which lead to a podcast, which lead to this TED talk, which lead to my self acceptance, embracing my emotions, and levelling up. 

If you are alive, you will experience contradictory emotions. You will experience unknown situations and change every day. 

Release your expectations, work through your feelings, write in your journal like no-one is reading. Be honest about your feelings – take notice of them and pivot as necessary. As Dr. Susan David says, “Emotions are data, NOT directives. We own our emotions, they don’t own us.”

Happy Monday, and enjoy a week of grace and love – especially to yourself!


The gift of power and emotional courage - Dr. Susan David

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