Meditation and Health

health/wellness Dec 22, 2020

What does a mindset shift mean to you?  To me it means being able to rely on myself and my intuition to guide me through life.  Let’s face it – life can be difficult and trying.  Especially now during Covid as we are isolated from many friends and loved ones, limited ability to travel – we have a lot of time with ourselves!  The foundation of my mindset shift was meditation.  I had always thought it was very “out there”.  Two years ago I was desperate.  Desperate to change my life – I was obese, on anti-anxiety meds and drank too much alcohol.  I was looking for external solutions for inside problems.

I downloaded a meditation app and used the free version, then purchased a 21-day version from a popular spiritual guru.  This was the beginning of a beautiful process that is constantly evolving.  Resulting in significant benefits in all areas of my life – weight loss, sobriety, no meds and finally loving who I am.  If you don’t meditate, try making it a daily practice for 10-25 minutes a day – start somewhere.  There are many free and paid resources.  I suggest Calm, Deepak Chopra, Mindvalley, Hayhouse – or just search “guided meditation” and do a 21 day program.  It is a foundation of mindset shift and living from the inside out!

- Kim