Overcoming Resistance

career health/wellness relationships Feb 09, 2024

Resistance is a nasty little bug that shows up as procrastination, avoidance, anxiety – you name it!  There are no areas of our lives that are unaffected when it comes to resistance.  It infiltrates into work, money, love, family, health and general well-being.  It can show up as unhappiness, feeling stuck, unable to focus or create goals, feeling unlovable, self-sabotaging actions and generally living a life unlived.  When we learn to identify resistance and how we deal with it we can clear the path to our wildest dreams.  How do we do this?

For starters, we create daily patterns.  Getting up, moving, getting showered and ready for work – especially if it is working from home.  We can start doing activities that are good for us – meditation, exercising, giving thanks, eating good food and focussing on our purpose.  Our purpose may be a paid job, our own business, the arts, or finding a job or purpose, but we need to work daily at the aforementioned to develop “pattern purpose strength!”.  We can either dabble in life or we can LIVE!  We are only guaranteed today, so it is our choice! 


Note: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is a wonderful read to overcome resistance.