Spring Renewal - New Month, New Start!

health/wellness Apr 01, 2024

We are seeing it everywhere right now – spring is a time for rejuvenation and renewal.

Let’s take advantage of the new cycle: new day, new week, new month, new season.

Let’s ignite some results!

I took the time this weekend to vision my ideal mind, body and purpose by reading, walking in nature and journalling my outcomes for each part of the next month.

Let’s do something that sounds simple, but can be life-changing.

WHO do you want to be and HOW would you be in:

Mind: e.g. happy, free, light, no anger or frustration

Body: e.g. eating real food, drinking lots of water, walking every day

Purpose: e.g. feeling the joy of work or taking care of family, learning a new skill, reading


Now, BE that person. Give this person a name if you like but be the person with the qualities and fulfilled mindset, nourished body and working and living with purpose.

Let go of the “how”. Just "know” you are this person. We will check back on this in 30 days!

- Kim