Who are you?

health/wellness relationships Apr 08, 2024

In a time when we have so much information coming at us - so many opinions, so much imagery - it causes chaos in our minds. We are worried about pleasing our clients, friends, and family with no thoughts about our own happiness.

We are in April – a new quarter. As we plan our day, month, and quarter, make it your mission to learn and become who you really are. We try so hard to be who “they” want us to be. “They” being our family, colleagues, clients, friends, ongoing to infinity.

So, how can we learn who we really are?

It’s a never-ending cycle with no peace or direction. My wish for all of us (including myself) is that we “learn who we are by becoming who we are” (The Daily Laws, Robert Greene). 

Focus on what lights YOU up, what makes YOU happy, how your gifts can best serve your communities and consistently release attachment to worrying about what others think. Spend at least 15-30 minutes each day meditating and another 15-30 minutes moving. This is your time to learn about who YOU are and how you can truly share your gifts. Listen to what comes up and let the negative thoughts move through you.

Releasing attachment is an ongoing conversation with yourself – when you have a doubtful thought coming up, ask yourself, “is this true?” and release. Let them move through you and feel your energy rise!

Wishing you a great week of moving closer to your true self and purpose!